Aashish Manglik, MD, PhD

Dr. Manglik is an expert in G-protein coupled receptor signaling and in in silico drug discovery. His work has elucidated the structural basis of opioid receptor function, thereby yielding insight into the mechanism of action of fundamental and widely used analgesics like morphine and codeine. Using these structures, he has pioneered the development of novel opioid analgesics, identified by in-silico methods, which possess greatly reduced dose-limiting side effects. Dr. Manglik’s work has been published in more than a dozen peer-reviewed papers, and he was a key contributor to the invention of the core technologies of Ab Initio Biotherapeutics. He is currently an Instructor in the Molecular and Cellular Physiology Department at Stanford. Prior to his training at Stanford, Dr. Manglik received his B.A. in Biology and Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis, where he was awarded the Spector Prize for his outstanding academic and research achievements. At Stanford, he was awarded an American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship in 2012.