Our Mission

Ab Initio's mission and passion is to create innovative drugs for challenging biological problems.



Discovery platform

At Ab Initio, we are using a directed evolution display-based discovery platform in combination with a first-principles approach to create the next generation of protein therapeutics. Our proprietary display technologies, antibody libraries, and techniques in protein receptor biochemistry enable the development of agents with highly specialized and precisely tuned biological activities.

G-protein coupled receptor-targeting antibodies

Ab Initio's active research programs include drug discovery aimed toward the identification of activating and inactivating antibodies against G-protein coupled receptors. This category of receptor includes a rich landscape of clinically important targets, but the identification of biologic drugs that can specifically modulate their activity has proved historically difficult. Ab Initio's technology and expertise provide a unique advantage in meeting this urgent need.

Cancer immunotherapy

Ab Initio also has a major focus on the development of drugs for cancer immunotherapy, including both antibody agents and non-antibody biologics. Harnessing the immune system for maximum anti-cancer therapeutic effect will require simultaneous activation and blockade of multiple immune-regulatory pathways. To this end, Ab Initio has developed first-in-class multispecific agents that engage both the innate and adaptive immune system to attack cancer cells.